26 July, 2007

The Exclusive Tatuaje Has Arrived!

They're in and they're delicious!
Grant's Tobacconists is proud to present Tatuaje's latest creation, the Havana VI Verocru. Pete Johnson, creator of the Tatuaje brand, is taking a page out of the Cuban manufacturers' book and releasing two regional versions of the Verocru. The west coast release is the Exclusivo Lado Occidental (west side), Verocru No. 1. Coming in with ring gauge of 52 and a length of 6 1/4", this Toro Grande is sure to please your palette. This new smoke is blended by Don Pepin exclusively for Tatuaje and rolled in Nicaragua using only the finest local tobacco. With a Cafe Rosado Oscuro wrapper, this tasty cigar includes ligero tobacco in the blended filler, giving a more robust flavor than the rest of the more medium bodied Havana VI line.

Grant's is offering this exclusive smoke by the stick (2 max per order) and it is also included in the Tatuaje Havana VI Gift Set. If you are an avid Tatuaje fan or simply curious to check out the Tatuaje experience, this gift set is a great opportunity. Five great smokes including the Angeles (petite corona), Nobles (robusto), Almirantes (Churchill), Artistas (torpedo) and of course the west coast exclusive Lado Occidental will make up this great deal!

We we're lucky enough to sample both varities of the cigar. They are both great smokes that will be sure to please. If you get a chance to pick up the east coast version, do so!

We'll be posting a review soon of the west coast exclusive soon!


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